Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Tambahan Perlajaran Kata Kata Yang Santun

Tambahan Perlajaran Kata Kata Yang Santun - Dara suddenly became silent, stood still for a moment. His eyes were wet. He stared at Raka, as if in disbelief at what he had heard. will regret what she'd say. But as water that has been.

shed, saying it was impossible to take back. With tears in her eyes, Dara back to the house and pick up his belongings, determined to split up. "If I'm not your ribs bone, let me go. Let us split up and look for a true partner respectively.

Five years have passed. did not marry again, but trying to figure out the life of Dara. Dara been abroad, marry foreigners, divorced, and now back to the original city. And Raka who knows all the information about Dara, feeling disappointed.

because he was never given the chance to go back, Dara was waiting for him.And in the middle of the silent night, when Raka drank his coffee, he felt no pain in his chest. But he could not admit that he missed One day, they finally met again.

At the airport, at the spot where many a meeting and parting, they are separated only by a wall, their eyes do not want to be separated each other.

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